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Cardiologists in Chiang Mai.


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Highly recommend Dr. Thanawat at Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai.


He did two cardiac stents for me about 2 years ago. First class doc. He was on faculty at CM Medical school until 3 years ago and he still goes there every Friday to lecture the interventional cardiology fellows on the latest techniques. 



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On 11/25/2021 at 4:24 PM, pingping said:

Good question, some one who will listen to my concerns rather than dismissing them totally and at least read the report from my previous Doctor who is not in Thailand.


No recommendation except this ........Skip getting your new doctor to read your old doctors report.


Why give them a preconceived notion/idea?


Instead keep that to yourself & just request a complete cardio checkup including stress test etc


Then you will have something to compare & if at that time you want to mention your previous evaluation for some reason then do so.





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If it's been at least a year since your previous cardio work-up then, as suggested a complete work-up, with a stress test is a good idea.  But definitely share your previous report with your doctor when you show up for the tests so that s/he can compare with the current results.  


Dr. Thanawat is good, as is Dr. Apichart, both at Bangkok Hospital.  Dr. Thanawat is an "interventional cardiologist", basically an electrician, which means he is very knowledgeable about heart rhythms, pace makers, etc.  Dr. Apichart is internationally recognized and very good if you have issues with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weigh control, diabetes, etc.  Both speak very good English and spend lots of time with their patients.  Dr. Apichart is my doctor and he has visited me when I was hospitalized for something unrelated to my heart (and didn't charge!)

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After a scary arrhythmia episode I visited for the first time the cardiologist at Lanna hospital back in July 2014 (Dr. Supachai) and been visiting him when needed ever since.

Great person and take time to listen and answer questions. I highly recommend him. I also find Lanna hospital to be quite cheap for a private hospital (did an ECG + Stress test a few years ago which ended up costing 10,500 bahts)

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