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Thai Driver's Licence expired while Covid Captive in Australia

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My 5-Year Thai driving license expired in January 2021 while Covid Captive in Australia. The Thai government, because of the Covid-caused lockdown, apparently extended the validity date to 31st December 2021 but I missed that too. My Australian driving license remains current. 


I was issued wrongly with a Type B (Business visa) to re-enter Thailand. I've been living here for over 20 years on a Non-Immigrant Type-O Visa (Retirement). 


I have a Blue Book and a Yellow Book and a Pink Thai ID Card proving my residential address and ownership of the property. Would copies of those suffice instead of a Certified Letter of Address from the Immigration Bureau or the Australian Embassy, which I doubt they will issue? 


Does anyone please have 'first hand' experience of renewing their Thai driving licence at the Licensing Center at Chatuchak in similar circumstances? I've heard horrific, unhelpful, anecdotal stories of having to go to queue before sunrise, and that they only process forty foreigners each day. 

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The Australian Embassy in BKK no longer issues letters confirming your Thai address and Bangkok Immigration won't do it unless your 90 day reporting is up to date.


For your Thai DL, there's a grace period of 12 months to renew an expired license, so if you still have a week or 2 window to renew before the 365 days lapses, then you can use your Yellow Tabien Baan for confirmation of your address at most DLT's, some branches do not accept them but I know from my own experience that both DLT Bangchak accepts the yellow book. Bear in mind that there is a 3 month waiting list for foreigners at Bangchak, so looks like you're going to have to get to DLT Chatuchak very early in order to get it done.


Similarly to yourself my Thai DL had expired in Jan 2021, and due to lock-downs and closure of DLT's, I was faced with the prospect of being unable to renew by this month, given that the DLT Bangchak issued me with a queue number for 2 weeks after my 365 day grace period expired. So I drove to DLT Cha-am (as I was passing by there at the time) and got the DL renewed painlessly there a few months ago with my Yellow Book with BKK address.


As a side note, it's strange that the Thai Embassy in Australia issued you with a Non B instead of a Non O visa, given that the documents required to get a Non B are more complex and not as common as with a Non O visa application.

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Thank you. Your response was most helpful. As suspected, I didn't expect the Australian Embassy would issue certification of my residential address. I'm not sure what any of that army of embassy workers does, if anything. Nice work if you can get it. 


Unfortunately, I have only this minute read your kind response. My 365 days (extension) expired yesterday, my birthday. Which begs the question, what must I do now to get a Thai Driver's License? My Australian Driver's Licence remains valid. 

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Take your Aussie license, passport and yourself to DLT and ask for a Thai license. Only the DLT office you go to knows what they require.

A few months ago I did. I needed address letter from immigration and Drs certificate but have read here other offices want more, fewer or different documents.

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Thank you for your comment. I am preparing to take my expired Thai Driver's License, my still valid Australian License, passport copy with original, Retirement visa page copy, and my Yellow Book with the Pink ID Card. According to current information, this should do it ... but I have someone checking at 'a' licensing office. 

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