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Blow for the property industry as Government declares no more reduction in land and buildings tax

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5 hours ago, scubascuba3 said:

Of course it's significantly more effort than opening a bank account. You need to drag along 2 Thais who have a blue book, what a waste of their time, then there's the notorising the passport, what a waste of time and money. You think those things are worthwhile? not required for a visa, extension, driving licence, new passport, new bank account etc

Yeah, a man has got to know his limitations. 

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Thank you ScubaScuba3 for posting the tax charts. Very helpful. I now understand why they would not accept payment for land tax last year. I gladly pay the land tax each year, and last year they did not want payment. A yellow House book is incredibly useful if you want to promptly register a vehicle in your name, to sell a vehicle that is in your name, ESPECIALLY if the buyer lives in a different province. The PINK ID card makes things go smoother at shipping companies, post office, and retail stores in my experience. I was "lucky" to never need a translation for the three different yellow books I got with ZERO run around in two different cities in Buriram province. Those same offices have put up "roadblocks" for fellow expats, but it is possible. The day I applied for a "pink ID" a clerk said they didn't have the card so I took my translator to the corner office and she told the head of that office the challenge. He immediately came out of his office and told the lazy clerk to put in the pink card and he told me that EVERY office has pink cards for aliens. It was a uniformed soldier working that day in the office, so he may not have understood that aliens get pink ID cards.  Banks in my experience live and die by the passport, yet my work permit made getting new car and new truck loans easy in Thailand. I dare not enter a Thai bank without my Passport as many tasks require the bank to photo copy that passport.  

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