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Yet another zebra crossing accident - Myanmar woman in hospital in Samut Prakan


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77kaoded reported that yet another pedestrian was hit and seriously hurt crossing the road on a zebra crossing last night.


It happened on King Kaew Road in Bang Plee, Samut Prakan near Soi 52/1.


Ruam Katanyu rescue foundation found 33 year old Myanmar woman Win Mar Soe had been hit by an Isuzu pick-up that had stopped nearby.


She was rushed to hospital in a grievous condition.




The pick-up showed dents on its front and the injured woman's possessions were scattered all about.


Last Friday a doctor was killed crossing a zebra in central Bangkok.


The "Dr Kratai" case has caused much scurrying by authorities and a high level meeting ordered by DPM Prawit Wongsuwon is due to take place tomorrow to look into law changes related to zebra crossings. 


ASEAN NOW notes that most drivers routinely ignore people crossing at zebras.


Trusting that motorists will stop when using one is a very bad policy. 


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1 hour ago, hotchilli said:

Ole fatty will be asleep again soon, things will go back to normal.


That is, has been and will continue to be the case.

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Mandatory imprisonment if you hit someone on the zebra in crossing.le homicide if they die in most countris a bike came at me on a zeebra crossing I push my full shopping trolley in front of him every; one clappped even though he was very badly hurt also he had to pay 3,000 baht for the goods in my trolley











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7 hours ago, Mavideol said:

this type of accident has been happening for quite sometime and the RTP has been ignoring it or closing their eyes..... now all of a sudden, because "sleeping gold watch papi" woke up it becames big news, RTP hasn't been doing their job why would they start to work now....

No-one in government cared as long as it was only the peasants that were killed or injured, but killing a doctor woke them up and, for a day or two, they'll pretend that things will change. They won't. They know that. We know that.

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It’s more than poor driving habits.  It’s the mentality about harming another person.  You have to have a fragile mind to drive a vehicle or motorbike and not care if you are going to kill or injure someone. 

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Damn frightening here in Phuket  now with all the new tourists arriving and  sauntering  out onto the crossings and  expecting the Thais being willing to stop.... or  Thais even driving slowly enough to actually be able to stop !

The driving culture is way too far gone for Thailands  drivers to ever consider the lives of others ....

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