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More than 300 students at Ratchaburi boarding school catch COVID-19


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More than 300 female students attending a boarding school, in the Pak Tho district of Thailand’s Ratchaburi province, have been found to be infected with COVID-19, but none are in serious condition, according to the Facebook page of the Dhammajarinee Witthaya School.


The provincial health chief, Dr. Pajaree Areerop, attributed the cluster of infections to the fact that the school allowed several students to go back home during the long New Year holidays.


Upon return to the school, rapid antigen tests were conducted between January 14th and 16th and they all tested negative. A second test, conducted seven days later, produced positive results in 120 students. The provincial health office was notified of the findings on Monday. All infected students were sent to Pak Tho Hospital for RT-PCR tests, which confirmed 74 positive results.


Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/more-than-300-students-at-ratchaburi-boarding-school-catch-covid-19/


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32 minutes ago, hotchilli said:

Figures kept below 10,000 threshold to suit certain agendas, yet its rife in every province.

True. But as symptoms are mostly very mild, it's not really an issue any more.

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I teach at a school in Ratch and made a complaint when we were all forced to go back to school just after the new year break.  They kept it all offline/ work from home for the 3 days beyond the break which was a surprisingly good decision.  Come week 2 we were instructed to return.  I registered my view that this was brilliance followed by idiocy, bit it was ignored of course.  My staff room neighbour tested positive today, and i feel that my employer had a duty of care but let us all down for the pursuit of convenience and face.  who know what will happen next week- at this stage we are compelled to return.  If this is a death sentence for me, my partner or other members of the community, what recourse can we expect other than none?

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