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Can anyone make heads nor tails of the new weed laws?


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Saying you can grow it and smoke it privately, but can't have plants with PCP (TCH?) or whatever it is. What would be the point?

Am I missing something here or is everyone as confused as I am?

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It is a confusing time, with many, many, many moving parts.


Even if a bill were read today, it would take 120 days to become law.


So, sit back, relax for now.



Best case: a thai citizen may be allowed, with government pre-approval and oversight, to grow a few authorized plants for their own medicinal use.





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Anutin lied through his teeth when he campaigned saying that people would be able to grow six plants per household and do what they wanted with it. 


A few years later it is strictly for medicinal use and all plants must be 0.2% THC or under and he is sticking to this. 

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