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Going to pick up 1 year extension (wife) do i need to bring anything other than passport?


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Hi all, 


im going soon to pick up my 1 year extension based on thai wife at hua hin immigration, i have the under consideration stamp in my passport.


- do i need to bring anything with me this round? or only passport?  (like the women said not to go under 400k during the consideration period, do i need to update passbook again and show the it didnt go under 400k??)


- also which counter to go?  do i need to go up again to the 2nd floor?  or have a fast track counter somewhere for the ones who come to pick up 1 year extension?

(if i have to go up again, push same button? 1 year extension??)


thank you for any input or help

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From my experience, your passport is all that you will need. However, I always take my bank book with me just in case...

It is best to be prepared for every eventuality when dealing with immigration! 





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