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Whoscall Blocking app IOS


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Does anyone use Whoscall on iOS


It was recommended here in the Nation




But on iOS it doesn't seem to work / do much.


I installed it after a received a Phone call about an unpaid traffic fine and it doesn't do anything and I received a couple more of these calls.


I don't see a way to report the numbers


I now just block the numbers manual! And have set my phone to silence UNKNOWN callers




Edit: Please don't reply with buy an Android phone, because I am not changing phones because of 1 APP!

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I seldom get spam calls, a total of 15 blocked numbers possibly in 2 years so, I don’t have silence unknown callers turned on, the app would be a waste of money for me even if it worked. I just hang up and block.

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The APP is free to try so I am trying it, willing to pay the 40ish THB for the 1 month Premium features but if the free version doesn't work then I am surely not paying.


I had an increase (already 3 today) in these spam calls in the last couple of days, and my phone number only Banks/Immigration/Gov have and no commercial companies.


Fortunately the calls are easy to recognize, answer the phone and there is a silence of 1-2 secs and then a "tape" starts running with a recorded message saying I blah blah (only listened to the first one and it was about an unpaid traffic fine)


Ps: Using this number for over 10 years!

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