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Chinese Demand for Thai Durians Strong Amid Rising Costs, Delayed Shipments


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by Paul Rujopakarn


BANGKOK (NNT) - Thai durians have been gaining in popularity among Chinese consumers in recent years, with exports of the fruit now four times what they were in 2017.


Citing reports from China’s official Xinhua news agency, Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives said demand continues to climb despite rising prices and shipment delays due to China’s “Zero COVID” Policy.


Alongkorn Ponlaboot, advisor to the Agriculture and Cooperatives Minister, noted that the Kradum Thong, Kan Yao, and Puang Manee durian strains have also been gaining traction not far behind the immensely popular Mom Thong strain.


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Xinhua recently reported that a shipment of 100 boxes of durian arrived in Guangxi, where they were quickly sold out after being distributed to retailers.


Durians remain among the most popular Thai products, with exports to China in 2021 being four times what they were in 2017.


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Charge them through the roof.  3000 b + per fruit.  Make up for the biological weapon they released on the world.

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