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Pressure socks

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yes, less those ready made from pharmacy or Lazada.

Better from hospital custom made.

If lymph problem, you can keep your legs up on stool (or even on desk, table - cowboy style).

Also exercising your feet (as advised to do on airplane) will be the best option.

When on the bed keep legs on pillows, rise mattress or even get hospital style adjustable bed

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I use them when (I think) my top of foot-ankle edema shows itself. I wear them for a day or two or three. Always works. Edema comes back days or weeks later.

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When I fly I always wear compression socks. I bought mine in a hospital supply store usd $70.00 for 1 pair. No more swollen ankles on a long flight. Not easy to put on but well worth it.

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They do work; however, I get more enjoyment out of a foot and leg massage.

Leaving Suvarnabhumi for Melbourne when I flew regularly, I would have a half hour foot/calf massage before boarding. My feet sang to me all the way for 9 hours.

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