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35-year-old man injured by a gunshot wound after violent altercation between multiple people in Koh Kaew, Phuket


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By Goong Nang(GN)


Koh Kaew, Mueang Phuket –  A 35-year-old man has sustained injuries from a gunshot wound after fighting with a group of other men at a house in the Koh Kaew sub-district in Mueang Phuket district just before midnight May 23rd.


The Phuket City Police reports that they were notified of the incident at 11:57 P.M. last night, May 23rd, at a housing estate in Koh Kaew.


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Law enforcement arrived at the house to find Ms. Nariya Disthong, 32. She told the police, “There were about 3-5 men who came to my house. They asked to meet a man named ‘Bus’ but I don’t know this man. At that time, my husband was not at home before we started an intense verbal argument.”


Full story: https://thephuketexpress.com/2022/05/24/35-year-old-man-injured-by-a-gunshot-wound-after-violent-altercation-between-multiple-people-in-koh-kaew-phuket/


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