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Marijuana dealer attacked in the street by "Facebook friend" - he's convinced he had no intention of buying


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Picture: Sanook


Sanook reported on a shocking attack of a marijuana dealer in the street in Khon Kaen, NE Thailand, on Sunday. 


WARNING: The video may be disturbing for some viewers. Discretion is advised! Video of the brutal attack can be seen HERE.


A man attacked the dealer with fists and kicks and even kicked him as he lay helpless on the ground. He hurls expletives in Thai at the seller.


A friend on a scooter just watches the appalling violence before they ride off leaving bystanders to help the man to Khon Kaen Hospital.


Thanarak, 22, spoke to Sanook from his hospital bed saying he was awaiting CAT scan results after suffering head and facial injuries and severe swelling. He had already been interviewed by the Muang district police.


He said that he had never met the two people on the scooter before. He said that the man who attacked him was a Facebook friend and they had never chatted before. 


That was until they chatted about supplying some weed and agreed on 200 baht for 2 grams of marijuana flowers. He was selling the drug since prohibition ended. 


He said he arrived at the agreed location first then the two men came. Almost immediately the assailant asked:


"Did you film the weighing process so we can be sure how much you're giving us?"


He was argumentative.


Then Thanarak said he was struck in the face and knocked unconscious. He only knew the extent of what happened to him when he viewed the full footage on social media. It was filmed by someone across the road.


In his opinion he didn't think that the assailant intended to buy weed at all and this was just a ruse to attack him. He didn't take the drugs that wound up being knocked onto the street. He said he still had them.


He said he had no idea why the assailant was so angry. It was only 200 baht and he wants him found and charged with attempted murder.


He admitted there had been some upset while they negotiated the deal online but that was all amicably resolved with apologies. He had even decided to give the man an extra gram so it was 3 grams for 200 baht. 


After the attack the man sent him a text about the attack saying:


"That was nothing at all".


Muang Khon Kaen police are investigating and waiting on medical reports.


ASEAN NOW notes that 100 baht for a gram of marijuana flowers would be a very low price. 


Most shop and online outlets are selling from anywhere between 400 and 700 baht for potent strains.


It may have been low quality or even what is known as Thai stick or brick weed. 


But according to the seller this was not part of the argument - he claimed he was just set upon for no apparent reason. 



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Sh! t happens when your a drug dealer ,just part of the business.

regards worgeordie

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