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Government bigwigs at Bangkok Airport to launch 'endemic era' scheme to boost tourism confidence


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We're going into another wave.


I'm sure they won't mention that.


Either way Thailand is popular and definitely on anyone's list to getaway. 



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1 hour ago, Moon6966 said:

When i left Thailand and landed in Bahrain it was like leaving 1 planet and arriving in another on my transfer 

No masks not even the official people 

Not in the duty free 

I really try to look between passengers and workers and uniform personnel 

But nobody was wearing masks hardly anyway 

And on the next flight same the air host workers on the plane no mask 

Arrived in my country no mask either 

Thailand live in the past 

Mask wearing keeps Thailand's infection rates down!

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Posted (edited)

They forgot their guns in those uniforms.  Tourists dream of coming to a militarized and submarinized Country.  At least The PM wears recently colored pajamas to encourage tourists to come with their necklaces.



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4 hours ago, webfact said:

Hug, eat, fly, travel

I assume something has been lost in translation as that looks like a pathway to take us back to a pandemic.

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3 hours ago, mr_lob said:

...yet they are all pictured wearing face nappies..

And wasn't A-Nut-In in the paper just last week because he'd come back from an overseas trip and tested positive for Covid? 

What's the point in having a big press junket (apart from self-agrandisement and ego boosting) about "endemic era Covid" when they refuse to classify it as endemic?

And as for boosters every 4 to six months... why? A-Nut-In has had 6 shots and still got infected and since there are no long term studies yet in to the effects of repeated doses of the vaccines, has the government got a contract with Pfizer and Moderna to provide the human trials of repeated dosing?

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