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Thousands face jail in Thailand for repeat DUI offences


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3 hours ago, kennw said:

Here more than 80% are bikes what more do you need to know, in Australia it is 18%

So, sorry, I mean that the accident are from underage drivers. 


Oh, and I guess it makes sense that there are more bike accidents here as there are a lot more people on them here in thailand than there are in Australia lol. 

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11 hours ago, KhunBENQ said:

But no question that the majority of such accidents is due to irresponsible/careless behavior of young bike/scooter riders,

The other day there was a group of kids on bikes flying down our road occupying both lanes there is a blind curve that cars and trucks fly around 

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18 hours ago, webfact said:

Motorcyclists made up 82.72% of the fatalities.


Then it was people in cars 9.81%, small trucks and vans 4.49% and pedestrians 2.98%.

Somehow I don't think the 82.72% of motorcyclists were the cause of the accidents?

More the victims of being hit by drunk drivers of vehicles.

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21 hours ago, JoePai said:

Why not jail them for (say) 6 months for the first offence - then keep doubling it for subsequent offences?

Why specifically DUI..... other driving offences, being high on drugs, running red lights, speeding, parking In front of my gate. All should get jail!

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21 hours ago, webfact said:

Under the new laws these thousands of repeat offenders would face jail "for sure" from the courts, said Daily News who added that in addition to jail you'll lose "your job and your future". 

"for sure" in this context is a definite maybe.  Depends on how big your bank balance is and who you know.  So carry on as if nothing has changed.

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