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Thousands face jail in Thailand for repeat DUI offences


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I know of a guy who would say that he can see those get out of jail cards doubling now, last time he was done his reading was about 60 allegedly, the legal requirement being 50 and under, so technically speaking, he was over according to the officer.


He said the policeman told him you go to jail and pay 20,000 baht fine, or pay 10,000 baht now and you go home, apparently drove him to an ATM and he paid the 10,000 baht.


I guess here there is no way of arguing your not drunk, spend the night in jail and see what the judge says, if you prefer. Don't know what I would do in such a situation, certainly wouldn't want to spend the night in jail, and how would I prove my case ?



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5 hours ago, huangnon said:

It's the drunks driving over them in SUV's, pickups, and trucks?

Not what you want to think, many times sober drivers hitting motorbike running red lights, wrong direction, turning from wrong lanes, weaving in and out of traffic, speeding, need I go on?

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At this rate, we'll have to be building more jails/prisons at every level - all of which seems to be the [only] growing industry in much of the dumbed down civilised world - and quite accepted by the unaware and distant populations. 


You know how that is......can never have enough prisons and incarcerated, instead of getting to the societal root and repairing such particular issues. 



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I used to rent a room to a guy that had THREE drink driving convictions, after I booted hi out for being an alcoholic, he got a FOURTH.


These people do not learn.


I say 1st, 3 months prison, 2nd 6 months, 3rd a year, 4th 2 years, 5th 4 years etc.


I'd also like Judges to ban people for life after 3 convictions, but never happen

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