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Green Burial in Thailand?


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I'm interested in a "Green Burial" - being buried in the earth without embalming fluids. Any ideas on how that might be set up in advance for a farang in Thailand?  



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Hmmm - there are man Chinese and Japanese cemeteries in Thailand. I don't know their burial practices but I doubt folks in rural areas are embalmed before burial. 


Has anyone up country heard of clean burials? 


I suppose I could try to find a farmer with a backhoe, but I'm hoping to find a situation a bit more dependable 😉 

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IF the burial place can be quickly arranged (not easy unless you arrange it yourself in advance, there are not many cemetaries here)  and IF the funeral can be arranged very quickly (needs speed in notifying embassy to give local authorities or hospital permission to release the body) then all that is needed is for your family to decline to embalm.


But if there are delays in any of these things, could get pretty foul smelling pretty quick.



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