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A particular maker of Android phones that maybe be wise to avoid

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as the title “A particular maker of Android phones that maybe be wise to avoid ” at a minimum if you have one of these please make a visual inspection, you are likely to be able to see if there is a problem.



There is a YouTube tech journalist whose video has just come across my feed he is Mrwhosetheboss his channel is one of the larger ones and the video that caught my attention has had over 4.5 million views in the 6 days since it has been posted, it will be easy to find as at the moment it’s the second newest.


I will not be naming the company due to the draconian laws in Thailand and I certainly have no ill will towards the company. They make a verity of excellent products, I have a few and will continue to consider them in future.

The problems effect many different models though the causes seems to be similar. Don’t think that because your phone is old or brand new that you can be sure that you are immune to this.
I actually have one of this company’s phones and have had the problem part replaced, though I will now be taking it apart to check the maker of the replacement.


The problem can be remarkably serious and has caused the most serious of deadly consequences , though only a relatively few in the 300 million devices sold. 



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8 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

Swelling batteries perchance


The video that I did not link to makes clear exactly what the problem is.


I will NOTE that the FAA and CAAT among other institutions in 2016 stopped passengers carrying a particular device 

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I had one time a problem with a swelling battery. It was my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. But this happened after 2 years and it was always plugged into the charger. After changing the battery I never had a problem again. This Tab S2 is still working but now I use the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus  - always plugged in too. And this for sure 16 hours almost every day. And then there is my Note 2 and... But I always change the battery at the Samsung shop and only use the original chargers. But of course such batteries are not completely safe. Even in cars or e-bikes or whatever. When I leave home or sleep I never charge anything with a battery. 

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47 minutes ago, scubascuba3 said:

Too vague, no thanks

Not vague at all.

It will keep the problem of allowing people to easily find the information while keeping the makers name out of the subject. If you don’t want to bother that’s your choice, regrettably it may be a bad one

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19 minutes ago, Mickeymaus said:

I had one time a problem with a swelling battery. —-

Regrettably using OEM batteries may be a bad choice. The state of charge may be a factor but constantly on charged or low charge may be a cause for the problem.


The electrolyte drying up is likely to be a datum point and the chemistry in a particular make is likely a factor.

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