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German man in north sets fire to pick-up after argument with wife


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16 hours ago, ThailandRyan said:

The way the OP reads is he had a fight with the wife, who then called the police, and as he was so upset he set the car on fire and then hung himself.  I fail to see how else the Op could have been written.  Are you saying it should have read, Man commits suicide after having a fight with his wife and setting the vehicle on fire?  At the end of the day the story is lacing in much substance and sreams of the need for help with a mental health issue.

Jesus Christ, I guy kills himself and the headline is basically "German guy sets car on fire". If there's an earthquake in the Philippines, you don't headline the article about it: "Ronald McDonald statue falls down in Manila".


The fact that a man has tragically killed himself should be front and center in an article like this, i.e. mentioned in the headline and at the beginning of the article. Not just as a, "Oh, and I supposed he killed himself" at the very end.

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