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re -entry visa question

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Hi......If i could ask any member to clarify something for me I would greatly appreciate. apologies if my question seems a bit muddled but been trying to think how to word it so its clear....any way here goes:


I will be renewing my  year extension or retirement visa as I refer to it the first couple of weeks in January 2023 (the official  date when it expires is 31st Jan 2023). I will be returning to the UK in early March to help take care of my elderly mother so after I have renewed the retirement visa I will also get a re-entry visa.....a couple of questions if I may:


Q1. Is there any stipulation as to how early a re-entry visa can be obtained before my flight (first week in March) or are the re-entry visas valid for a certain amount of time after they are issued say 6 months or a year etc.?


Q2. I really dont know how long i will be in the UK dependent on how mum is so i have booked a one way flight, but Im aware I will have to be back at the end of the year (2023) or so to renew my Retirement visa again....so my long winded question is: if say i came back at the end of December 2023 bearing in mind my new visa renewal date will be  31st Jan 2024, would I still get the 90days on arrival at the airport with my re-entry visa even tho I would only have maybe a month on my retirement visa?


Sorry for the long winded confusing 2nd question but couldnt think how to put it more clearly......many thanks in advance

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No need to get the Re-entry permit in advance.  As long as you have a boarding pass, you can obtain it at passport control when you depart, open 24/7  Same price, B1000 single.  If you don't have a visa photo, they can take it there.  Usually less than 20 minutes to complete.  It can take much longer at Immigration offices

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