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90 day report and TM30 with new passport obtained in country.

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Received new passport back and yet to go to CW IMM to complete paperwork for stamp transfer from old to new. I am assuming that after doing the transfer I will have to manually file a new paper 90 day report with the new passport rather than do online with old passport number?.


I *COULD* do online with old passport number prior to passport transfer and that would tide me over until I renew my retirement extension but then I would be presenting a passport with a 90 day report slip with the old passport number. I just don't know if that would be accepted, or if i would have to do a new 90 day report.


I assume it is too much to expect that after doing the passport transfer paperwork this updates in the online system and I can do online 90 day reports without the need to initiate via a trip out and back in? Thought not.


Does my existing TM30 remain valid (no passport number on form/receipt), or do I have to file a new one before I can do 90 day report/transfer stamps to new passport.


Any other "gotchas"? Update with banks I know I have to do.


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Unless you plan to wait till your next extension to transfer stamps etc then you could wait till your next 90 day report is due and attend CW.

If you try the online report 15 days prior to report due with new pp #.

If it's approved then fine. If not still have time to attend in person.


Think the extension desks do the stamp transfer and after that go to 90 report desk for file tm47. 


I would not use the old pp detail to file a 90 day report online. 


Yes update details with bank prior to applying for your next extension.

Some folk even update details on TDL. Many do not. 



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