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How to apply divorcee permit/visa?

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On date of divorce you would need to change reason for extension from based on marriage to based on Thai child..

Obviously you require all the supporting documents. 

Another option is to exit Thailand and reenter visa exempt and obtain the non O in Thailand.

OR exit Thailand and obtain the non O at eg Savannakhet.

Mention those two options in case the first is not possible time wise. 



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You just have to obtain an extension based on having a Thai child instead of marriage visa. Economical requirements will be same, and you will show birth certificate instead of a document that you are married. After that you will need the mothers signature, if you are not having sole custody of your child.

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How amicable is your relationship with your soon to be ex wife?


If she is willing to help, you could go to Savannakhet now and get a multi entry Non O based on marriage.


By exiting every 90 days, a quick border crossing will suffice, you could continue living in Thailand for a further 15 months as a Non O visa is still valid after divorce.


How long do you have on your current extention of stay? There might be an issue if it's a long time. Consulate in Savannakhet might wonder why you are switching. Other than that, it is a good option.



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