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Two years on one O-A visa

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I was not sure I could do this but I'm getting nearly a nearly two off one O-A visa .I was granted it  by LA consul Dec 2021 in USA. (eVisa).

The period of insurance being an issue as it is clearly indicated on the visa. I entered Thailand in November for a short visit within a few days of my enter by date at BKK. With my insurance  from 2022 plus a new one year policy I purchased that overlapped my old policy by 16 hours.


I had asked around and nobody could give me a straight answer if I could pull this off other than completely vague "up to you" to "cannot". I did have a backup plan. The IO lady at BKK very pleasant and within a few minutes after looking at both policy papers stamped me in for another full year. I got a multi re-entry permit at the ChaeingWATTANA complex before I departed in early December. The process to get a re-entry permit there was efficient, Got there by Taxi  opening time out in an hour even after doing photos and copies myself at the shop.


I entered Thailand at CNX airport by non stop intl flight this time very easy. This time no requests or examining insurance papers. No huddles with multiple agents consulted as usual or delays. I flew to Thailand on a one way ticket as usual never asked by the airline to show onward ticket or visa.


The entry stamp appears to read NON-RE instead of NON-OA. I'm good to late Nov 2023.

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Dont really follow the post.

Yes you will receive a 12 month stamp for each entry while the non O-A is valid.

So up to almost two years is possible.

Insurance required for both years and reentry permit required for after the visa has expired if travel out and back required. 

What bit were you surprised about. 

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20 hours ago, Captain Monday said:

The entry stamp appears to read NON-RE instead of NON-OA. I'm good to late Nov 2023.

The NON-RE notation means you entered using a re-entry permit.

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