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change visa exempt to non O time line

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I am returning to Thailand on Jan 25 for 4 months on a visa exempt status which I want to change to a Non O Imm based on retirement.

I have the 800k in my bank for many years.

My question to Joe or Jack is

can I go to Chang Wattana on jan 26(44 days before visa expires) or do I have to wait until there is less than 30 days left on the visa?

TIA for any help.


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14 minutes ago, billypla said:

I have to wait until there is less than 30 days left on the visa?

You mean 30 days remaining on your visa exempt entry.

Your not applying for an extension so I cannot see why immigration would not allow you to apply for the non O retirement as soon as you enter Thailand. 

With a visa exempt exempt entry you use a TM87 form visa application form instead of a TM86 change of visa status form.


Perhaps someone will be along that has done the process as you outline.


As you would be aware normally you would need to show that the funds (800k) came from abroad however in your case with funds in Thailand for quite some time that should not be an issue. 

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