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Do I need an appointment for my Non Imm O at Savannakhet??

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I'm going to apply for my Non Imm O marriage/family Multi entry one year visa at Savannakhet on Feb 16. 2023. Do I need to make an appointment or just show up? It doesn't seem I need one but I just want to double check. I don't want to get there and find out I needed one. Has anyone recently applied at Savannakhet for this type of visa? Was it pretty easy? Did you have to show money in the bank and if so how much did they want to see? How many days did it take to get the visa? Thanks so much for any info regarding this!

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11 hours ago, Tingnongnoi said:

can you also get 3 month Non imm-O based on marriage in savannakhet and then extend to 1 year in Bangkok? the website isnt very clear at all


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