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Anyone know about Insurance cover for MRI scan?


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I am scheduled to have an MRI scan next month.


Doctor has ordered it.

The treatment is outpatient. Cost is 60,000 baht.

My insurance (issued in Thailand by a well-known company) only covers in patient treatment.

However, in the policy terms it says if a MRI test is necessary the Insurance company will pay "even if I am not confined to a hospital".

For various reasons I do not want to contact my Insurer yet.

Does anyone know if the Insurer will pay ?


My reading of the policy is that they are obliged to pay but maybe I have mis-read it.


Thank you for any input.


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It totally depends on the policy.


If yours say alll MRIs are covered, even if not hospitalized, then it is. Assuming no other conditions (like related to subsequent hospitalization, or related to cancer)  mentioned. 


If it is a private  hospital, give them your insurance details and  have them  contact insurer for guarantee of payment.  

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