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I like to dictate E-Mails and letters

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Using Chrome Gmail on Pixel. English predominantly and German.

In the past it was no problem to switch in between these two languages in the same message.

Recently, accuracy in both languages seems to be lacking. At will, although this email is English only, and obviously not of adult content, it switched by itself into German lecken,


Sometimes, when dictating a while whole paragraph, I notice that the printed result comes out totally barbell in the opposite language.


What seems to work if I want to use English& German Trend m terms in the same message I will dictate before the switch= GERMAN GERMAN or ENGLISH ENGLISH





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I don't know what works and what not. But from a computer programmers' viewpoint I can tell you that it is a lot easier for a computer to recognize words and sentences from one language only (at a time).

Trying to detect two languages with sometimes similar words at the same time makes it not only double complicate but a lot more complicate than that.

If you want the best result, then restrict the system as much as possible.


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I rarely speak to my notepad app on the phone.

Just tried. Gboard set to "EN-DE", click microphone symbol.

Saying "Hi how are you oder wie geht es" (second phrase is German).

The result clearly shows me that no second language was recognized:

"Hi how are you older we get this".

And I simply wouldn't try it.


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Understood but even switching the language setting in the gboard does not have a reliable effect.

Can you please try it and tell me what is your experience

 that would be very helpful

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