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Moving to Lopburi. Must see/do and recommendations


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Moving to Lopburi in a week. Any recommendations other than try not to get attacked by monkeys? Will be staying in a hotel for a week or 2 while I get my bearings and hopefully find a nice house. Let me know your thoughts on restaurants, going out, etc. 39M drinker that can speak Thai if it matters on recommendations.

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Haven't spent much time there but enjoyed some decent restaurants and places to go for some live music in the time I spent up there with some friends. Speaking Thai will help a lot.

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5 hours ago, jdlancaster said:

Work with a western salary…. So biting the bullet.

It is a nice city ,when King Narai was King his capital was Ayutthaya ,but he used to like and spend time in Lopburi ,hence all the old buildings ie the Sam Yod .

Not changed a lot over the past 20 yeas ,yes I know they is  now a Big C ,Macro Robinson's ect ,and a rake of DIY shops ,they were a couple of disco/clubs, but I think Covid put them to rest .live music place near the bus station use to be good,still they??

As for restaurants we use to meet up once a week all us farangs ,at different  restaurants  in and out of town ,a good night out it was ,that stopped a good  few years ago now ,along with most of the restaurants we used,again a lot suffered under Covid .a lot just stopped, could not make it.

As you can speak Thai just ask about someone will tell you what is good ect .

I think that backpacker gust house is still open ,not so far from the station.

Whinnit School use to have farang teachers ,not certain if they still do same as the Rachapat,for some frang company.

Ps. Immigration  is back of the main Police station out of town off the Narai round-about nice place very quiet ,again you speaking Thai will have no problem.

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