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Govt Approves Wage Hikes for Various Skilled Laborers


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BANGKOK (NNT) - The Cabinet this week greenlit wage hikes for a number of skilled laborers, effective 90 days after the regulation’s publication in the Royal Gazette.


According to Deputy Government Spokesperson Ratchada Thanadirek, the new minimum daily wages for some of these professions include:


-Pump and valve technicians, who will now receive 515 baht per day. Mechatronics and industrial robot controllers will be paid 545 baht to 715 baht, depending on their skills.


-Tractor repair operators will be paid 465 baht to 620 baht, again depending on their skills. Payment of excavator controllers will meanwhile be raised to 585 baht a day.


-Additionally, payments for holistic food therapists, aqua therapists, and aromatherapists are being raised from 500 baht to 600 baht.


-Bartenders will meanwhile be paid 475 baht to 600 baht, depending on their skills.


Once the adjustments are in force, employers are prohibited from paying wages to employees at less than the minimum wage rate or at rates in accordance with specified workmanship standards.


Violators can face prison terms of up to six months or fines of up to 100,000 baht, or both.


Source: https://thainews.prd.go.th/en/news/detail/TCATG230201163112228


-- © Copyright NNT 2023-02-01

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"Bartenders will meanwhile be paid 475 baht to 600 baht, depending on their skills"...... will the bargirls be paid appropriately for their "skills" as well?


Well, technically I guess they already are. Just not by their employer.

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6 hours ago, hotchilli said:

I never understood the "daily wage" rate

what constitutes a days work?

8/10/12/14 hour day/shift?

Surely they should work out a minimum hourly rate, then employers have to pay accordingly for the length of the working shift, and then overtime rate if exceeded.

Right....GF's son just left Amazon (Coffee shops) after 1st month's salary. They wanted him to work 9 hrs not 8 so when he originally queried it they said he would get 1 hr overtime. But no overtime was paid so he left. Anyone know if there is a Govt. number to call to report such exploitation?

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22 hours ago, flyingtlger said:

Whilst the bar gals and call girls make 3000+ a trick......

Turn 3 tricks a day with meals thrown in I can understand the exodus from north to south

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Shouldn't salary fluctuations be dictated by the respective marketplaces [w/ the exception of the mandatory minimum wage regulations]?

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Looking like the era of cheap labour era in Thailand is over. This will impact pretty much everything that is inexpensive in Thailand and push up prices. Clever move.

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