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Cannot sign in on Bangkok Post - anyone else?


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Title says it all - it simply freezes on sign in. So I got a new e-mail and signed up again - with a new name and new details not the same as the other name - same thing!


Emailed them - no answer of course, posted on Facebook and sent a message on Facebook Messenger - response was diddley-squat. Standard auto response from messenger only.


Am I the only one? Been a couple of days now. Clearly others can sign in as some posts have comments dated today.

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I have been logged in since earlier this morning and have been able to sign in every day without a problem but seeing your OP I logged out and now I just get a blank page when I try to log in again.  Their site must have a temporary issue.  The site can be accessed for reading without logging in, though.


Maybe BP has just had enough of the asinine morons who post their garbage comments there every day!

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It's a Thai news outlet so presumably those in Thailand should have no problem. 


Anyway, I was getting a blank screen until later this morning when it was sorted and I was able to log in. Still not received answers to various emails but then BP have demonstrated a lack of good manners in the past.

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On 8/27/2023 at 3:52 PM, Middle Aged Grouch said:

Would it depend if one is either abroad,  in Thailand or in Asia.

Not available here in Bangkok.
Same happened a couple of weeks ago as well. When it came back -- not a word of apology.

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