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How to estimate the value of a my condominium unit ?

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List your condo for what you think it is worth. If you don't get any offers after 2 weeks, reduce the price by 10 per cent. If you still don't get any offers after another 2 weeks, reduce the price by another 10 per cent. When you start getting serious enquiries then you are in the right range.


You don't have to sell the condo at any price, but this will give you a good idea.

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OP, there is no data or accurate figures as to the value of your condo. In Thailand, properties change hands and the price is not public knowledge, only the buyer and the seller know the actual figures.

Anything else, including HipFlat or similar, is based on "asking" price not actual sales price.

So long as you didn't overpay when you bought the condo, its probably worth what you paid for it. The Thailand market doesn't have incremental rises each year like western markets, most of the time properties are the same value they were 10 years ago, only the (never achieved) asking price has gone up.

A lot of the time, the low land office valuation is a more realistic figure than the asking prices.

I have bought and sold 3 condos in Thailand, and the sales figure has always been way less than any listed asking price of similar properties, sometimes 60% of asking prices, and always closer to the land office appraisal figure.

This is why you always hear people talking about how bad the Thai market is, its because people originally bought at the ridiculous asking price, now 5 years later their property is still worth its original value.

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