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Chiang Mai Night Safari confirms four zoo animals died, not 13


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Kritsada Lapimon, Deputy Director of the Pinkanakorn Office and Director of the Central Administration Office performing duties on behalf of the Director of the Pinkanakorn Development Office, chaired a press conference to clarify the number of deaths of animals at the Chiang Mai Night Safari yesterday, January 15.

Thitirat Tawanwong, Deputy Director of the Pinkanakorn Development Office and Director of Chiang Mai Night Safari along with animal expert Dr Sumet Kamonranat, Chatri Khuhatheparak, Director of Animal Management, and Dr Tulyawat Suthiphaet, supervisor at Conservation and Research were present at the press conference at Vareekunchorn Building, Chiang Mai Night Safari Office.


Kritsada stated that the number of animals found dead at the Chiang Mai Night Safari as reported previously was erroneous. Pinkanakorn Development Office has checked and confirmed the details and facts.


From the investigation of animal deaths in December last year, the Chiang Mai Night Safari Office confirms that four animals died, a red-shanked douc, a Vulpini, a fennec fox and a leopard cat. The number that had been previously reported, 13, is false, reported Daily News.


by Puntid Tantivangphaisal

Photo courtesy of Daily News


Full story: The Thaiger 2024-01-17


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6 hours ago, flyingtlger said:

Someone needs math lessons or new glasses. From 13 to 4????



The didn't do the maths class but enrolled in the damage limitation course.

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1 hour ago, VillageIdiot said:

It's a mythological animal often reported seen - especially on full-moon nights - but no hard evidence of their existence has been produced so far 😁

Seriously Teach... just google it.

Vulpini is merely a subclade and taxon, nested within the dog family or Canidae, that includes the true foxes or genus Vulpes. It makes no sense, that anyone has killed a vulpini


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