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Udon Thani Rescue Team Saves 1-Year-Old Trapped in Car


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On February 27, 2024, at 4:00 PM, news reporters stated that the Udorn Sawang Metha Dhammasathan Foundation rescue team in Udon Thani Province received a report from villagers requesting assistance for a child trapped in a car at Khlong Thom Market.


Upon receiving the distress call, Udon Thani Rescue Team, skilled in car door opening, swiftly arrived to unlock the door of a Chevrolet Colorado, license plate number 8858, finding young Junie, aged 1, inside.


The child remained calm despite the engine running and the air conditioning on. However, shortly after their arrival, Junie began crying, prompting her immediate rescue, reported Siam Rath.



Picture: Siam Rath


Meanwhile, the grandparents, visibly distressed, continuously called out to their grandchild. Villagers from Khlong Thom Market rushed to assist. Using a bamboo stick approximately 2 meters long, they managed to unlock the door within about 20 minutes, safely rescuing the child, while the grandmother eagerly embraced her grandchild.



Picture: Siam Rath


Mrs. Som, 58, Junie's grandmother, explained that they had come to the market to sell goods, with her husband driving. Upon arrival, she went shopping, assuming her husband would look after Junie.



Picture: Siam Rath


Upon returning, she found herself locked out with Junie inside, prompting her to call emergency services. She speculated that Junie might have accidentally activated the central locking system, leading to the lockout, thankfully with the air conditioning on and assistance swiftly provided.


Top Picture: Siam Rath


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1 hour ago, This Guy said:

Meanwhile a man with common sense who suggested smashing a window to free the child was berated for.....displaying common <deleted> sense



I missed it,

I read the whole article a couple of times and did not see anyone suggesting smashing the window

What did I miss?

But if someone did, I would disagree with the common sense part. 

The car was on, the AC was on, the child was in no danger, the authorities were in their way to open the car , would it be Common sense smash the window and cause a lot of damage and cost. or wait a few minutes to open it as they did? 

We had a similar incident happen to my sister , who left her little dog in the car with the engine running to get something from the store, the dog got excited and started jumping on the window and somehow pressed the lock button :laugh:

While waiting for the cops to come and open the car for us , we sat by the window trying to get lucky excited and jumping in the window hoping he would hit the unlock button 

This was many years ago and we still laugh over it some times.It was hilarious, :cheesy:

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