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Karenni Army Mounts Fierce Attack On Town Opposite Mae Hong Son


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33 minutes ago, webfact said:

Since the start of the attack the junta forces at the base have suffered heavy casualties and as supply routes have been cut off it is expected that they will surrender soon.

And after the surrender, the bombing and shelling by the junta will start?  :sad:


35 minutes ago, webfact said:

This morning KA and their allies dropped five 81mm grenades by drone on this camp


And Thailand arrests folk taking drones into Burma.  :angry:

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So the rebel forces clearly have staying power.


And the regime forces beginning to melt away ... Lots of planes heading to Zurich, I guess.

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1 hour ago, IAMHERE said:

And then what? What happens to those that surrender ?


Junta military personnel are kept in captivity unless they defect to the rebel "freedom" forces. Weapons, ammunition and other military equipment are taken and used by the "freedom fighters". Junta Generals who lose and surrender, face the death penalty from their own Junta's terrorist organization the Tatmadaw. Civilian personnel working for the Junta are kept in custody, and in a few instances, some have been murdered for collaborating with the Junta leading to the arrest/death of "freedom" fighters.


I will not quote specific references as there are so many. Do a Google search. 

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