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Just applied for a Tourist visa online & was surprised how less problematic it is now, didn't ask for bank statements or the hotel owners I.D were i would be staying at, didn't have to input the same files to be able to proceed, this was something that i always dreaded every year, now its so much easier, obviously its stilling being processed so fingers crossed, so did anyone else notice it & when did they update it?


Thanks in advance.....


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I applied for a SETV via the UK website 2 weeks ago. I also noticed that very little required by the way of documentation compared to previous applications. No financials, no details of most recent visits etc.


Had an initial issue regarding payment confirmation but that came through within a couple of hours. From applying to receiving the e-visa was 36 hours. Very happy with the process. I was first aware of the reduction in paperwork required around September last year but not sure when it was actually implemented.

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Ho that would be great news.

The embassy in Paris was notoriously slow to process those evisas.

I lost my fee and finally went directly with the visa exemption.

Maybe I'll check it again then.


EDIT : they still say 3-4 weeks of wait on the Embassy website - I won't risk it. That being said, I also noticed the requirements and papers for the METV were much easier ; pretty much the same as for the SETV.

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Like a hassle just to check into a hotel, right? As for what's required for reporting TM30, it does seem like the passport number on a driver's license might not cut it due to potential discrepancies. And you're right, relying on a pink ID card might not fly either, considering the need for accurate data. I recently stumbled upon something called Prime ID Scanner from ID Analyzer https://www.idanalyzer.com/products/prime-id-scanner.html. It seems like a neat solution for hotels to verify identity without the hassle of insisting on passports for every guest. It could streamline the process and ensure compliance with TM30 reporting.

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On 4/18/2024 at 2:55 AM, ian carman said:

Was much easier this time and got mine within a day .Had to supply wife’s ID card,as in staying at her house ,as an additional document after submitting 

May I ask which country did you apply from? Thanks in advance.

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