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Underpass at Phuket Airport plunged into darkness due to cable theft


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A bold cable robbery at Phuket International Airport's underpass has caused darkness in the area, raising safety concerns and causing system failures. This has made commuting difficult for both residents and tourists at the bustling junction at Phuket Airport on Thepkrasattri Road, where the underpass is.


The theft has led to significant disruption, leaving the underpass's lighting system useless. Consequently, this has severely reduced driver visibility and increased the possibility of car accidents. This issue has resulted in an official statement emphasizing the immediate need to repair the extensive electricity infrastructure damage caused by the theft.


The Phuket Highways Office quickly announced repair plans in response to this situation, scheduled to begin over the following weekend. The estimated repair time is four to five days, which will require the underpass to be temporarily closed. This is likely to worsen the already tricky traffic situation. However, The Phuket News reported that this is crucial to restore the underpass's safety and functionality.


Local authorities, in an effort to catch the bold thieves, ask for the public's help. They encourage anyone with information about the theft or the suspects to step forward. They have also requested that any unusual activity be reported immediately, either through the Department of Highways hotline 1586 or directly to the Phuket Highways Office, at 076-212179.


In other news, two robbers were caught red-handed by watchful locals while stealing power cables. One of them admitted that the crime was committed to raise money for his birthday party and drug habits.


The incident took place on April 23, in the early morning, near Soi Khao Makok 10, close to the Huai Chak Nok reservoir. Locals and construction workers, who had been dealing with regular power cut-offs due to constant cable theft, decided to take the matter into their own hands.


Caption: Creative Common License via Google



-- 2024-04-25

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