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Europe's Far-Right Groups Launch Campaign for EU Elections

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Europe's far-right political parties have unofficially started their campaign for the upcoming European Union elections with a focus on anti-immigration, criticism of the EU's climate policies, and strong support for Israel. This campaign launch took place in Madrid, Spain, organized by the far-right Vox party. Marine Le Pen (French National Rally) and Giorgia Meloni (Italy's Prime Minister from Brothers of Italy) were prominent figures at the event, emphasizing the importance of the elections for shaping the future of Europe. Le Pen called for a day of "liberation and hope" on June 9, while Meloni encouraged young voters to participate, framing them as the future of Europe.


André Ventura (leader of Chega in Portugal) echoed the call for strong borders to limit the influx of Islamic and Muslim immigrants, framing it as a matter of defending European ownership and rights. Meloni and Le Pen advocated for stronger border controls and reform of the Schengen area. They argue that individual countries should have more control over who enters and leaves their territories. Meloni supported agreements with third countries to curb illegal immigration, while Le Pen pushed for a reformation of the current system.


Santiago Abascal, president of Vox, emphasized the need for unity among far-right parties across Europe to counter globalism and promote common sense, economic prosperity, security, and freedom. The event also showed strong solidarity with Israel amid its conflict with Hamas, with support from speakers like Amichai Chikli, Israel's Minister for Diaspora Affairs.


Javier Milei, Argentina's president, criticized Spain's socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and his wife, leading to a diplomatic row and the recalling of the Spanish ambassador from Buenos Aires. Milei's remarks were condemned by Spain’s Foreign Minister as a serious affront to Spain's democracy and institutions. Meanwhile, hundreds of left-wing activists protested against fascism in Madrid, highlighting the deep divisions and the contentious nature of the far-right's rise in Europe.


The upcoming European Parliament elections (June 6-9) are seen as a potential turning point for the continent, with the possibility of a significant increase in far-right representation. This follows a broader global trend of rightward political shifts in various countries. The rise of far-right parties in Europe reflects increasing public discontent with traditional politics, focusing on issues such as immigration, national sovereignty, and opposition to progressive policies. These parties seek to capitalize on this sentiment in the upcoming elections.


Credit: The Hill 2024-05-21



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5 hours ago, Social Media said:

the influx of Islamic and Muslim immigrants

I hadn't realized these were so different. 

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1 minute ago, morrobay said:

It's already wrong Hoss . So all these no go Muslim neighborhoods in Europe. You dont have a problem with???  And don't have a problem with the invasion at the US Southern border??  Strange attitude.

The Far Right now has  the chore of straighting this sh*tshow out. More power to them: Round them up, Put them on a boat back to bum f*** Egypt. 







The ‘Far right’ never straighten anything out.


Read some history bro.

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