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Online Assistance Now Available for the Disabled


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The Ministry of Social Development and Human Security has partnered with the Ministry of Public Health to launch a digital platform for people with disabilities. This will make the process of applying for disability ID cards and grants more accessible and affordable.


The launch event took place yesterday at the Centara Life Government Complex Hotel & Convention Centre, located in the Lak Si district.


The Minister of Social Development and Human Security, Varawut Silpa-archa, explained that the platform is part of the government's plan to better the lives of people with disabilities. The platform aims to provide more convenient access to welfare services.


According to Minister Varawut, the digital project will roll out in two phases. The initial phase is designed to speed up the registration process for disabled individuals, using an electronic system to verify their disability status. This phase will also integrate with the existing system for disability ID card applications.


The second phase will connect this system with another for grant applications. Ultimately, the disabled will be able to register conveniently without visiting any physical offices. The platform also eliminates the need to visit a hospital for disability assessment, thus cutting down travel costs.


The Ministry of Public Health has enlisted 40 hospitals across the country to take part in the initial phase of the project.


Minister Varawut emphasized the importance of equal treatment for all people, particularly given the current social and demographic changes. He highlighted his ministry's "5x5" policy that tackles population issues using five strategies, one of which focuses on creating opportunities for the disabled. The new digital platform is a part of this policy initiative.


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-- 2024-06-21


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Well this is a good thing. Have to wonder if the implementation will be any good and of course how disability is defined. This announcement, however, is about how it will be easier to apply and nothing about actually helping the disabled and their carers in their day to day life. Sad really.

p.s. I really, really, really hope this photo wasn't staged. This is the level of cynicism I now find myself which I've been driven to over the last 4 years. I was always a cynic i.e. rational thinker but the last 4 yrs has put my cynicism on afterburner. 

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Looking at the op photo I feel really sorry for those with any disability especially those with sight impairment or total blindness... 

Can you imagine closing your eyes and trying to navigate Thailand on a daily basis.

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11 hours ago, RobU said:

When they change the infrastructure they will do far more good for disabled people and help them to be independent

1. Make handrails on public access steps compulsory 

2. Compulsory Limit the slope of all ramps so that it is manageable by a person in a wheelchair or their carers pushing them. Always too steep. Also make handrails compulsory on ramps. 

3. Repair the footpaths and remove the telegraph poles and trees that  block them.

4. Stop shopkeepers and street vendors encroaching on footpaths

5. Repair public access disabled toilet doors and raise the height of the toilet seat. Put handrails in disabled toilets where disabled people can actually reach them to haul themselves upright. Currently every disabled toilet I have been in has a toilet that is lower than the seat of a wheelchair

6. More light  controlled crosswalks with audible warning when persons can cross

7. Incorporate the opinion and advice of disabled people when building infrastructure. Currently everything 'for disabled people' seems to have been developed by able bodies people who don't have a clue. 

Oh and I forgot

8. Make disabled parking spaces usable for disabled people, with room on BOTH sides of the car to open doors wide, (most disabled people can drive, the car is their lifeline). don't leave a space wide enough for a car between 2 disabled parking slots because someone will definitely use it for parking

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