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Retirement visa..55 or 50 years?

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Hello.......I am an retired man 52 years old from Sweden and I am a Swedish citizen and I have been in contact whith the Thai embassy in Stockholm/Sweden and they says that I have to be 55 years or older to get a non-immigrant visa cat O-A or as we call it (retiremnet visa) and its impossible to talk to the officer at the embassy......so I wonder if there is anyone in this forum that can give me a correct answer and give me some example where I can apply in some other country...what I read in this site I only have to be 50 years old........pls give me some advice what to do..


email:  [email protected]

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I would go to the Embassy/Consulate in person.  Phone calls (in general) are often not treated with much respect.  The first paperwork on the new retirement/long stay visa did say 55 but it was later corrected to age 50 so the person you talked with may not be aware of this (although it has been a year or two).
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