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Info On Samet.


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hi, i'm planning a trip to samet in april and have a few questions.

i know it not exactly a bangkok question, but i posted in the correct

section but to no avail, so.......

1) where is the best place to stay, i've previously stayed on ao phai?

2)what are the prices like now?

3)what's the athmosphere like as opposed to the soulless samui?

4) have they still got the open beach front bars with the arrow head cusions?

5) whats the mix of people like?

all help greatfully received.


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if you like the beach bars the best area to stay is on the busy west side of the island and stay in one of the better resorts that offer you privacy, such as sai kaew beach resort. that way you get the best of both worlds. as for atmosphere and people, it changes, on the weekends a lot of people go over from bangkok. the rest of the time it is quiet with locals and stray backpackers.

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If you like your beach bars and more laid-back kind of place, why don't you go to Koh Chang? I find Samet quite grubby and overcrowded these days. Just my opinion.

I also think, as you do, Samui has really gone down hill.

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