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2nd Uk Tourist Visa

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My girlfriend came to england in the summer time and her visa expired in november,how long is it before we can apply again and is it basically the same process with the same documents or with her getting the visa first time is it an easier job??

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Chapter 2 - Visitors:

2.1.9 Frequency and Duration of Visits

There is no restriction on the number of visits a person may make to the United Kingdom nor any requirement that a specified time must elapse between successive visits. The fact that a person has made a series of visits with only brief intervals between them would not, in the absence of any other relevant factors, constitute sufficient ground for refusal.

It is reasonable, however, for the immigration officer to consider the stated purpose of the visit in the light of the length of time that has elapsed since previous visits. A visitor should not, for example, normally spend more than 6 out of any 12 months in this country

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