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Visa On Arrival At Siem Reap Airport? Current Status?

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I am a Canadian going to Siem Reap from Chiang Mai. Time is tight...and so are funds so I think I will fly from Chiang Mai to KL, then from KL to Siem Reap, altogether about 7300b or so...a lot cheaper than Bangkok Air. Anyways, I just want to confirm that I can still get a Visa On Arrival at the Siem Reap Airport? I have seen info about it but nothing too recent and I of course want to be sure. Everybody is still talking about the E-Visa which is apparently no longer available.

So does anyone know where to check for the official "current" status of this?


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The evisa site:


I think the evisa is still alive and well, in any case, arriving at SR airport, you don't need this. Just fill in the form you will get on the plane, (visa form + depature/arrival card) have 20 USD and one photo ready, queue and be finished in 5 minutes or so (if you are first of the plane, only about one minute).

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