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Looking For Apartment/studio/house To Rent.bangkok

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Coming to Bangkok from the south, and would like to rent an apartment/studio in the suburbs of city.

not to far away from central, but will have use of transport for the duration of stay.

Would like a general idea of to which district to start my search, i am looking to pay 10,000per month

and would like to get a nice a place as possible on my budget. ( Safe Clean and Quiet)

I'm sure there are plenty of places around Bangkok that i am looking for, and have read many posts with

members describing nice places to stay.

I suppose its just a matter of knowing where? Ive been visiting Thailand on and of for several years now

and know plenty of good value, decent places to stay in the south, but when it comes to Bangkok i always

find it to be a bit of a daunting place. Like the belly of a beast. Chew you up spit you out sort of thing.

And i haven't really got weeks to search, and need to find my feet

as am starting a course on the 10th and got to concentrate on that.

So basically if you could please help me out on this one it would be hugely appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance.

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