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A Quick Question.

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We have just spoken to the Lawyer regards to my extension of stay based on marriage.

He informed us that we can no longer show that I earn 40k/month to obtain the extension, and that only showing 400k in the bank for 60 days will suffice.

Is he wrong on this? I think that he is.

(I do have a WP and Non-O visa)

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Joe ^^^

It is unclear to me whether we are still allowed to use an offshore income for a marriage extension (or does it have to be earned in Thailand), any insight?

I have not seen anything that changes things to where you cannot show income from outside the country,

I have asked immigration via a message about paying taxes on income from outside the country as being an option without a work permit. I want to do it that way so that I can use my income to get a PR later.

You can pay the taxes without a problem at a tax office but will immigration accept it is my question.

I would like to do it that way for my next extension. Using my calculations it would be cheaper and easier than getting an income letter (trip to Bangkok, embassy fees, hotel and etc).

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