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Non-o In Singapore - Anybody Have Experience?

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Does anyone have experience of getting a multi entry non-O visa from Singapore?

I'm a UK national and have held a couple of ME non-O's already, issued from Hull, UK. I'm now living and working in Singapore, but I'd like to renew my non-O for T/L (just incase the job market suddenly dries up) without the need to go back to the UK.


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No, under 50, not married, but have long term partner here in Sing with me. And not a singapore resident.

Sounds ominous then?

On another matter, what chance of getting a UK visa for my girlfriend from the UK consulate here? Probably even less..!

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I have obtained a tourist visa for the wife from the British Visa service here in Singapore.Wife is Thai.

I had to show marraige cert and an invitation letter fom a UK resident other than myself(British),my Mum did it,stating to be responsible for her ,blah,blah,blah.

Also did state on the requirements that a bank statement was needed as proof of having funds but when we applied the lady did,nt want to take it.

Not sure how you,ld go on if not married but just give them a ring.

Their number is Singapore 64244200 British High Commission

Good Luck

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