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Looking To Buy Land For Rubber Plantation !


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Hello There !!!

This is Ricky, Am currently based in Hong Kong. Have come across the forum and am really impressed by the topics and discussions.

I have a few questions with regards to the investment that my company wants to make in Thailand. we are looking for rubber plantations either ready and already producing or land which is favorable for Rubber farming. i have a budget of around 100 k USD

Please pardon me if i ask some silly questions as i am a complete newbie to agriculture.

I would like to know.

1) Which area or province has the best climate and soil for growing Rubber

2) Which are the best breed of trees available for plantations.

3) What would be the average price per Rai for suitable land.

4) Is it easy for a foreigner to buy land there.

5) any referrals of agents who might deal in this type of land.

6) any existing members who wants to sell their land.

7) any comments on Future Rubber prices.

8) Any unseen hurdles with Rubber plantations Business !!

I would reallly appreciate if i can get the above answers ...

I would like to thank you all in advance ... and welcome all the suggestions.



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Hi Ricky, I currently have 20 rai of rubber trees, in Chiang Rai, which will ready to start harvesting the latex in around another 2 years.

I have a few questions for you that I hope you will take in the right spirit.

1). Why are you, or your company, willing to invest in something you know nothing about?

2)Do you already have busines interests in Thailand? I presume not.

3)Why, as a company, have you such a small budget? I for one would not sell my 4 year old farm to you for 100K Dollars.



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Hi Ricky

I think you may have to re think your idea. $100 k is not much money ,if you are looking to invest. It may get you a small hobby farm, but nothing that would make any money. Even where I am [a very remote area] you would be lucky to get enough good rubber land to make a profit for that kind of money. Never mind the set up costs etc. JIM

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