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Flat Screen Tv


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i just bought one here about 6 months ago and want to take it with me to thailand, have a stepdown transformer in our house already, will i have to pay an import tax on it.

Found this below it depends which country you are coming from

Thailand uses PAL B/G with the sound carried at 5.5Mhz above the video signal, the UK uses PAL I with the sound at 6.0Mhz above. Check the specifications of the TV that you are buying that it can work with PAL B/G, otherwise you'll get no sound. Many - but not all - TVs sold in Europe support all PAL formats, but check first to be sure.

The above only matters for receiving terrestrial or cable TV via the tuner. Direct input (e.g. SCART) from a DVD player, video player or satellite box will not be affected by this.

A technical explanation of PAL formats can be found here:

What are the PAL-B, G, H, I & D Variations

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