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Pattay Mail Mail Bag?


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Believe it or not, bad news (ie. crimes against farang etc.) must not be reported by the Pattaya news agencies excepting for two per day. Any negative letters in the Pattaya Mail fall under this ban.

There have been hundreds of letters written about the airport crisis, street crime in Pattaya, suicide jumps? Druggings of farang and various rip-offs. Now bad news in censored.


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Pattaya Mail were printing in many peoples opinion, abusive, incorrect information and foul language letters,...these letters should never have been printed in the first place and had they bothered vetting letters, then we could have had a useful section in Pattaya Mail. Perhaps if enough people complain about the loss of letters or stop buying the Pattaya Mail...then we might see it return ?

Good luck! (and to the Paataya Mail, a good weekly)

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