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Has Anyone Given You Good Honest Service


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I tried some months back to get a thread going, listing local services that have provided good honest services.

Name location and service provided, no blatant advertising please, just beneficial information and related experiences.

e.g. computer repairs, dentists and health related issues, garage repairs. ect. ect.

I have used AEK Udon dental department for several years and find their services very good and recommend a visit to anyone who requires dental treatment.

PM me if you want the contact number.

Prices quotes after free consultation and no obligation is required for this service.

I have been asked if i could recommend a good optician, but haven,t used one for some time, however i,d be willing to pass any related provider you could recommend as this is a frequent question when i talk to visitors.

Thank you for any useful imput.

marshbags :o


If we get a few responses, perhaps we can list them in a dedicated Udonthani thread, if Admin do not have any objections.

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