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What To Wear In February


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I agree that layers are the way to go. It does warm up considerably during the day and in the sunlight, here, at present. It may be quite hot outside in Feb during the warmest hours of the day. Layers allow you to gradually decrease and increase clothing coverage as the temperature rises and falls.

It may also depend a little on where your mother usually lives (accustomed to especially warm or especially cold weather or to variable weather?) and her cold sensitivity, which can vary quite a bit in older people.

I'd suggest she arrives with a minimum of clothes in her suitcase, and wears/carries lightweight but warm extra clothing -- a "tracksuit" jacket and pants which are comfortable and will add an insulating layer when worn over everyday trousers and top, for example.

Once she's spent a day or two here, she'll know what she needs or does not need to buy. You can take her to a local market (or Kad Luang; Wororot Market) where she can very cheaply stock up on a variety of underwear, from long and warm to lighter and briefer, for upper and lower body, and with a view to what she may still use when she returns home.

Then she can fill her mostly empty suitcase with -- amongst other things -- the extremely cheap and attractive locally-made clothing to wear while here and when back at home.

Hope she has a great trip.

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