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90-day Reporting: Proof Of Address

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I have read on another thread that the Pattaya Immigration Office at least are now insisting on proof of address being provided when reporting every 90 days.

Is this a new general requirement or 1 peculiar to Pattaya? In particular, does anyone know the position at the Maptaput Immigration Office where I am due to submit my first 90-day report this week?

And what evidence of address is considered acceptable by the powers that be? Presumably having your name included in the house registration document where you live is, where this is possible? Or having electricity and other utility accounts registered in your name, as I have read elsewhere on TV?

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Pattaya immigration as from last year will ‘insist’ on proof of address.

I recently provided them with a photo copy of my UBC bill which is in my name and has my home address as registered at immigration.

I purposely held it back to see if they would request some proof of address ‘and they did’

I’m told that a Thai driving licence is acceptable providing it has the same address that you registered with at immigration.

Thailand is what it is and not all Thai immigration offices follow the same set of rules so you need to check ahead of your due date.

If you already have ‘proof of address’ then photo copy it and take it with you.

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I've never been asked for any proof of address at Map Ta Phut Immigration, even when my notified address was in Pattaya.

Either have I...

Neither have I at Samui or Korat. It must be a Pattaya thing.

Thanks, everyone. Another example of the words "Thailand" and "consistency" not being synonymous with each other, I suspect. I'll report back on how I get on at Maptaput.

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....I'll report back on how I get on at Maptaput.

I duly made my inaugural visit to Maptaput this morning, armed with various official letters from the UK sent direct to my current Thai address (as proof of it) and copies of several pages from my passport (including O-A visa, current “admitted until” stamp & departure card). In the event I did not need any of these – only the completed TM47 + passport.

There were only 2 other foreigners around, and neither were there for 90-day reporting purposes. However, the GF & I did have to wait about 5 minutes at the 90-day window while the Thai lady in front of us, who seemed to be reporting on behalf of several foreigners judging from the number of passports she was carrying, was making rather heavy weather of things.

When my turn came, it was just a matter of a few stamps and staples, and the whole process was completed in less than 2 minutes.

Although the policewoman who processed me looked thoroughly miserable, the GF did manage to engage her in conversation and assured me that she was, in fact, perfectly happy.

All in all, my initial impressions of Maptaput are favourable (generally consistent with other TV posters) – although I am not taking it for granted that my next 90-day report in April will go equally smoothly since more stringent requirements are, of course, liable to be imposed without notice overnight, as has apparently happened at Pattaya, for instance.

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